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Liposomes are what every single living cell has--a cell wall. Individually liposomes bind together to make cell membranes and they are responsible for transferring vital nutrition into the cell and all of its' components. Whether it is a heart cell, a bone cell, a brain cell or any other of the trillions of cells in the human body-- oxygen, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, etc. are indispensible to each and every cell.  Liposomes are constantly delivering nutrients into the cell and they transport "free-radicals", waste,  out of the cell.

Medicines, for cancerous tumors or serious infections are combined with liposomes and then injected into specific sites in order to eliminate these tumors or infections.  Liposomes make medicines last longer where the medicines are needed.

The Health Center Inc. is the first to use this technology for phytoplankton usage. Lipsome Delivery Technology helps phytoplankton "stay longer" with the cell, this is called "BIO-AVAILABILITY".  This efficiency factor makes REJUVI-SEA the most powerful and cost effective phytoplankton on the market.


"Open cell" species of of these living plants are now selected and collectively "bloomed" in purified North Atlantic ocean water in phytoplankton farms.  This multi-strain, cultivated phytoplankton is now available as the most powerful usable source to nutrition ever, beneficial to every human condition.

are usable by humans.  Some of these plants are too hard shelled and the human digestive tract cannot scavange the nutrients out of these "hard shelled" plants.  HOWEVER, some of these tiny plants are "soft shelled" and these are called "open cell" phytoplankton.  These "open cell" plants are a source of COMPLETE CONCENTRATED RICH NUTRITION, a "whole food​". This has never before been available to humans not in the entire history of mankind.


Phytoplankton is a self-feeding microscopic plant organism that is present in all the seas and oceans.  Oceanographers like Jacques Cousteau predicted that phytoplankton would be the future of nourishment and medicine for every living organism on earth. In Latin, "Phyto" means "plant", "plank" means "floating" and "ton" means "light".  Phytoplankton emits a blue light and NASA scientists were the first to notice that they could measure the health of a sea or ocean by the brightness of this blue light.  Under a microscope these phyto organisms pulsate a beautiful blue light of life.


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