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Febuary 28, 2015

"Dear Health Center, I bought your Phytoplankton because from taking colon cancer treatments I was sort of familiar with liposomes, thinking that it would make sense in making  the phytoplankton more effective.  I was not prepared for what I experienced. After just 30 days  my doctor stopped my chemo and my energy levels are back to normal. I am writing this for those that are suffering and scared: "Just do it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."   -My A-1C also improved.        JL -Nevada

June 7, 2015

We really appreciated your outstanding service. Not only did we get a home delivery, we got a "Health Coach”' too, which I am very grateful to you for. It feels great being able to get our health back in order and quality, we really enjoy it. Even my (initially skeptical?!) partner commented on how "smooth' the whole processes is. Thanks very much for everything.Cheers,KW

I ordered Rejuvi Sea for the first time in May of 08. The brochure looked and sounded good and with the money back guarantee I thought it was worth the try.

My husband, Johnny, and I have both been taking it, and to our pleasure, Rejuvi Sea has helped a lot.

I am 58 and have always had foot problems. I was born with an extra bone in my feet (which I found out is fairly common) but it tends to cause a lot of pain when I am on my feet allot or do not wear orthotics . . . it is summer . . . I live in Florida . . .and I like sandals. I also have a heel spur that would keep me awake at night. It took about a week to start seeing a difference with Rejuvi Sea . . . the improvement is tremendous.

I am not going to tell you that it is "the cure all" of all pain and discomfort, but it has helped tremendously; and sometimes a little help is all you need!

Now, Johnny had back surgery about 5 years ago for a bulged disc. They were able to fix that but he has spinal stenosis; which means there is a narrowing in the area around his spinal cord causing rubbing on the nerves. This stenosis equals 24/7 pain and burning. He has been taking prescription Lortab for years just to get by. Since starting with Rejuvi Sea he has been able to decrease the Loritab by 1/2 and hopes to keep decreasing it

We appreciate a good "natural" product and will definitely recommend it.

– BJ
Panama City, FL


March 2015

"I remember when I first talked to one of your advisors, I could not keep my thoughts straight,  my family used to call me Aunt Agatha ( the character from a sitcom  that was so scatter brained), I was diagnosed with dementia in 2012. For 4 months, I am taking two caplets of rejuvi-sea a day, my medical tests and bloodwork show that my bloodwork is perfect, I can even see better. My dementia? I am remembering things more and less confused. 

​J.D., Illnois

I am 70 plus and a great user and believer in your Rejuvi Sea product which relieves swelling and pain in my legs, ankles, and feet. After using 1 capsule 3 times a day, I all of a sudden didn't require my compression knee stockings. My veins are in check, and I have improved circulation for my legs, and even my hands and fingers. I can now bend, stretch, lift, and reach without swelling and pain. The ingredients in Rejuvi Sea  is the best all natural ingredients and it has really worked for me, Thank you Rejuvi Sea.

San Diego, CA

January 3, 2015

"Dear Health Center, I'm glad you talked me into trying the Rejuvi-Sea. After 5 months I am walking on air, multi-tasking and I'm starting to get a handle on my back pain, I know I am not getting out of bed to make trips to the bathroom as often at night. Could someone from there call my sister in law, her number is 202-xxx-xxxx and she's worried about her blood sugars.  Thanks.

D.L.E.- District of Columbia

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